Wooden packaging


Wooden packaging started to have a high demand on the local and international markets , most companies prefer to transport or store their goods in wooden packaging because is a sustainable alternative and much cheaper than any other type of packaging . For example, an aluminum package in comparison with the one of wood is about 10 times more expensive . All these are companies indirect costs , costs that can't bring added value to the products. You can't pay more for a product just because parts of it or itself were transported or stored in an expensive package .

Our company PLAYER COM produce a big part of all this wood packaging , all in Brasov : non standard pallets , wooden boxes for transport , large wooden packaging, fruit crates, decorative boxes and wooden boxes for wine .



On the market there are a wide range of packaging used in all fields . The best known and one of the most popular and used packaging in most industries today is pallet , there are some STAS sizes for this, 800 x 1200 x 140-150 mm. All these pallets to be marketed and placed in use should have a stamp that autetifice that they meet all the quality standards ( sizes, woods and assembly ) . Atypical pallets , with different sizes from the normal don't need this stamp , usually they are made on demand depending of the products sizes.


Wooden boxes for transport

Another type of packaging is used to transport parts or products which require greater protection during the storage and the transport. Usually are used for relatively large products that need an easy maneuverability inside the production department, warehouse or when they are loaded un downloaded from the transport. They are made to provide a larger protection for the products that are transported . In this case the dimensions are given by the company who order them depending of the products.


Wooden crates

Wooden crates are also very popular packaging especially for agricultural markets. These are used mainly to transport fruits and vegetables from the place of cultivation to places where they are sold.Also wooden crates serve as packaging for various gifts for Christmas and Easter ( eg crate in the image ) , providing a very interesting and unique presentation. Recently is a new trend by making furniture with these boxes , among them there are: tables , shelves, storage racks etc. Having a large area of usage there is a vast range of models in which these are sold , depending on customer needs or purposes for which they are intended .


Wooden boxes for wine

Last but not least there are packages that are used for home use or small packaging that are used mostly for decorative or aesthetic purposes: wooden wine boxes , jewelry boxes and crates for storing certain household or industrial products . They are under a great form of sizes and designs . About such products you can find more information in the Products section - Wine boxes, this box is the only type of box with higher degree of quality we produce at the moment in our workshop.

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