Wooden wine boxes


A wooden box gives to a wine bottle a better presentation . Therefore we offer to individual people or wine producers a product which brings quality to any wine bottle.

With a simple but elegant design we offer several models of wooden boxes for wine bottles , among which we can mention:

Wine box with the bottom and the cover of plywood

This is the simplest and cheapest solution we offer to our customers.

It has no disadvantage compared with the one made entirely of solid wood .

The 4mm plywood used is of birch or poplar wood. The edges of the box are made ​​of solid pine or spruce and joints are made with small caps .


Solid wood wine box

A model for those who want a product made ​​entirely of solid wood. It is a little more expensive because it requires a more complex workmanship and as we all know solid wood has a higher value than plywood .

Aesthetically looks better than plywood version but apart from this detail both products behave exceptionally, being made ​​with the greatest care for every detail .


Paint wine box

Besides of making wooden boxes we offer to our customers services of painting or varnishing wine boxes.

They can be stained in any color the customer wants , providing a touch of authenticity to your box .

Dressing is made with the highest quality materials , using impregnated and water-based paints , products have no harmful impact on the products transported or those who use them.


Wine box with plexiglass cover

Many wine producers want to present their collection bottles in special wooden boxes . So besides the painting and varnishing many want their product to be visible inside the wooden box .

Therefore we offer a solution in which the wooden box cover is replaced by a transparent plexiglas so you can see inside the box .

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