Wood Fences


Our company produces and sells fencES for gardens, fencing of land or parks. We can make any model of fence you want. You can also choose between models of fence we already produced (see gallery below).

We can offer the following types of hedge:


- Rustic fence - green wood elements


- Standard fence - green wood, planed elements


- Superior fence - dry wood, planed elements


Another very important detail that you should consider is the space between elements for fences with vertical alignment. For more privacy, we recommend using dry wood fences with elements mounted next to each other. If you do not mind that you can see through the fence, you can leave a space of about 2 cm between elements, the advantages of this type of fence are given by low costs, green wood and also reducing the amount of wood used.

For fences mounted in an open space where air currents are strong, we recommend the pillars to be made of pipe with concrete foundation.

For more information please contact us by email or telephone.

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