About us
PLAYER COM operating in Braşov, str. Caramidariei no. 31. Produces and sells garden furniture, wooden packaging, furniture for children, fencing and many other unfinished fir and spruce.
It is one of the only suppliers of wood in Brasov operating as a lumberyard, provider of woodworking, furniture manufacturer and carpentry workshop, all in one place.
Among the products offered by us are: Wood for furniture, wine boxes, transport boxes, wooden crates, furniture, chairs and tables, fences and many other products at your request.
Enable woodworking market since 1995 with over 20 years experience in this field.
About us
Company SC PLAYER COM LLC activity covers production of furniture, wooden packaging, baby furniture, wooden fences, cutting of logs, production of beams, rafters and timber and semi lemn.Totodată different offers and carpentry services. drying and wood treatment.
SC PLAYER COM SRL is a limited liability company and privately owned with a single administrator Pop Gheorghe Cornel, the company operates in Brasov, str. Brickyards no. 31, Brasov, registered in the Trade Register under number JO8 / 444/1995, unique registration code RO7382340.
1995: arises SC Player SRL, purchase a limited number of woodworking machinery such as planing and drilling machine, milling machine spindle lower sander and CIRCULAR. In the first two years of operation the company has produced various works for the domestic market,
1998: company sought to broaden its scope of activities managed to conclude a contract for a longer period (until 2008) with great local producer at the time, MTI Impex, producing exclusive furniture for export (France) .
2004: This year the company has purchased a sawmill thus eliminating the discomfort purchase timber from suppliers also appears increasing range of products offered by introducing beam, rafter, sawn timber and wardrobe
2006: acquisition of the drying chamber. This company offers investment opportunity from the drying timber Sawing direct labor and drying offering services for third parties. Also this year it acquired a second sawmill.
2008: as of this year the production of furniture fell firm focusing and starting to produce raw materials and products for the domestic market in particular required by construction companies such as SC Scorillo Intercom SRL, SC architrave SRL, SC KroneMag Millenium SRL, SC Le Bon Projet SRL, SC Cons SRL.
2010: Starting this year the demand for urban furniture Wood began to grow steadily, so along with cutting the logs it started production in large quantities for one of our clients.
2013: The year in which the company chooses to diversify its product range offered to the market and entering into production target audience: Wooden wine boxes, industrial packaging, wooden children's furniture and making fences and fencing of land.
Products and services
The production and service provision is divided into several branches branches:
Production of furniture, wooden packaging, fences and wooden moldings
Log sawing and production of timber, beams, boards and rafters
Drying services, treatment and wood processing
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